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From Power Struggles to Collaboration

Hey there! If you're navigating the beautiful and sometimes bumpy road of raising little ones between the ages of 1-7, this mini course is for you. This isn't just another parenting course. It's a warm invitation to sprinkle a little more positivity and mindfulness into your family life. Led by Haley Turner – bringing in research based tools from her background in Early Childhood Development, Conscious Parenting and Montessori Education. This 25-minute workshop, paired with the workbook, is your first step towards a home filled with more joy and less power struggles.

Why This Journey?

Ever find yourself in a tug-of-war with your toddler or preschooler, wondering how you got there... again? You're definitely not alone on this rollercoaster. It might feel like an uphill battle now, but guess what? The secret to shifting from power struggles to high-fives is right here.

Here’s What’s in Store:

  • Instant Toolkit: Haley’s going to share some great tools that you can start using right away. Think of it as your go-to kit for turning those daily challenges into moments of connection

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  • Your Personal Guidebook: Along with the workshop, you get a 20-page workbook that's packed with insights and exercises. It’s like having a mini expert in your pocket, guiding you through your parenting journey.

It all begins with us, doesn't it? As much as we might want to point to our little ones’ fiery spirits as the challenge, the real game-changer is how we respond and connect with their needs. This course is your first step towards building a home where everyone feels heard and understood – a place where you lead with love, not just logistics.

What's included?

  • Lifetime Access to From Power Struggles to Collaboration 

  • 20 Page Workbook

Happy Family

The true measure of a good parent is not how the child behaves, but how the parent behaves.

Have you ever found yourself in a power struggle with a toddler? You are not alone! I often hear from parents that their child is, "just being difficult!" or that they, "say no to everything all the time!" 


While our toddlers striving for autonomy and asserting their independence is entirely normal, healthy, and even important in their development - there are also ways that we can make this time more peaceful and intentional for all of us. In this workshop we will uncover the positive and conscious parenting tools that increase collaboration and decrease those power struggles.

Mother and Daughter Hugging


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Disclaimer: Haley is a certified educator with a professional background, degree(s)and/or training in the following areas: Early Care and Education, Montessori Education ages 3-6, Early Childhood Development, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Conscious Parent Coaching, and RIE Intensive Training. Haley does not work in a professional therapist or MD capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. This course is research-based and inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, Magda Gerber, Alfred Adler and many more.

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