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Parenting with Intention

The First Year

In the first year of life, your baby's incredible brain doubles in size. Yes, doubles! These early building blocks of their development are the foundation of their life long journey toward healthy social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. By bringing intention to our parenting, we have the beautiful opportunity to set them up for success from the very start. 

enrollment now open! 

Through respectful Montessori parenting we can support our babies tremendously in these first, fundamental 12 months of life! 

As parents, the greatest gift we can give our children is our own preparedness. Our willingness to learn and grow alongside them, for them. and also for ourselves. 

So, who is this course for?

Parents and caregivers of babies age 0-12 months. It would be ideal to begin this course even during pregnancy - in the months leading up to welcoming this new life into your world. From birth to around 10 months, this course would have the biggest impact. For over 10 months of age, I would suggest beginning our toddler course, 'Parenting with Intention: A Peaceful Home for Capable Kids.'

Is this an online course?

Yes! This is a fully self-guided online video course. Accessible to families and caregivers all around the world. Our Parenting with Intention Community does meet once a month on Zoom to connect, gain support, learn from field experts and ask questions if there are any.

What will you learn?

- how to nurture your baby's growth and development


- what your role is as a respectful attuned caregiver

- how to bring the fundamentals of Montessori to life from the very start

- all about a mindful Montessori pregnancy 

- how to sensitively observe your baby to learn more about your unique child 

- bringing joy and intention to the first months of life

- understanding the foundation of secure attachment 

-setting up your home to support your baby the Montessori way

- taking care of yourself and your own wellbeing so you can show up as your best self as a parent

- step - by- step guidance through intentional caregiving moments, like diapering

- the basics of Montessori approach to sleep

- examples of Montessori environments home around the world

- appropriate materials throughout the first year 

- and so much more! 




What is included in the course?

Lifetime access to the course curriculum! 

A beautifully crafted workbook to support your journey 

Access to our Parenting with Intention Facebook Group and Monthly Zoom Meetings




When does the course begin?

You will have access to the course right when you enroll! :) 

Disclaimer: Haley is a certified educator with a professional background and training in the following areas: Early Care and Education ages 0-7, Montessori Education ages 3-6, Early Childhood Development, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and RIE Intensive Training. Haley does not work in a professional therapist or MD capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. The purpose of this course is simply to share the research-based and inspiring work of Maria Montessori. 

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