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Supporting Your Child's Independent Play

The prepared adult and the capable child.

3 hr Course 

Learn to support your child's independent play through observation, planning, strategy, and love.


What you will learn:

  • How to support your child in their unique journey toward independence 

  • Guidance on extending those independent work times and why it matters!

  • How to sensitively observe your child - just as we do in Montessori and RIE, to better understand the child and their needs

  • The foundations of Montessori, Positive Discipline and Respectful Parenting as they apply to raising a capable, independent being

  • Establishing a supportive daily rhythm/routine 

  • Respectful responses to play frustration 

  • Creating a Quiet Time when the child outgrows naps

  • How to set up your Montessori environment to invite work, calm, and concentration

  • And so much more!

Young children are capable, curious, kind, and simply doing the very best they can! Let's support them and offer the tools needed to succeed! 

I’ll share all my behind the scenes tools, used successfully for a decade, both in the classroom and in the home environments! 

This is a fully self-guided online video course

"The child developing harmoniously and the adult improving himself at his side make a very exciting and attractive picture."  

- Maria Montessori 

As parents, we are ever-growing with our children! We work to prepare ourselves to best support our little ones and their changing ages and stages. 

Your Course Outline

Module 1

  • Introduction



Module 2

  • Your Unique Child

  • Expectations by Age 0-6

  • Sensitive Observation

  • Routine


Module 3

  • Quality Time

  • The Sweet 10

Module 4

  • How to Set & Hold Limits

  • Quiet Time




Module 5

  • Respecting Play

  • Your Language Matters



Module 6

  • Preparing the Space & Materials



Module 7

  • Maintaining The Rhythm

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Included with the course: 

- Your own printable workbook and guide to follow along with while you progress through the course 

- Printable routine cards and observation sheets 

-You will have LIFETIME access to the course to come back to whenever you need! 

*Details* Upon registration, you will be invited to create your course login and will immediately gain access to the entire course! Remember you even have lifetime access to enjoy the course content. The course in full amounts to 3 hours of empowering parenting tools, expertise, and guidance. This course is best suited for parenting children age 1- 6


Angela Mother of 3 &
Social Worker

"This course introduced so many innovative ways to reach my children and in turn reach myself. I truly feel that with her guidance and expertise, I have learned more about myself and unlocked the parent I’m meant to be. As a mother of three children and a social worker, I can not recommend Haley's workshops and consulting services enough!"

Brittany, LDTC and Teacher

"As a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant with a Masters of Arts degree in Special Education, I have to say that the information provided by Haley was extremely valuable, not only to parents but to educators as well. Her specialized knowledge of youth development leads to deeper understandings of our evolving children.  I  highly recommend this course for parents!"

Joanne, Toddler mama

"This course gave the opportunity to work on becoming the mom and role model I really want to be for my daughter. And the tools to provide her what she needs - bringing more ease to our days. I've seen so much progress in my relationship with her and definitely a lot more joy on her daily life. Haley gives you valuable info, resources and, the best part, makes you feel confident after finishing the course. Thank you Haley!"

Disclaimer: Haley is a certified educator with a professional background and training in the following areas: Early Care and Education, Montessori Education ages 3-6, Early Childhood Development, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and RIE Intensive Training. Haley does not work in a professional therapist or MD capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. This course is research-based and inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, Magda Gerber, Alfred Adler and many more. 

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