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Raising Siblings with Intention
A comprehensive guide to raising peaceful siblings, fostering lifelong healthy relationships and decreasing rivalry.

The sibling relationship has the potential to be the longest friendship of our children's lives! No one understands you like your sibling - and often, no one gets under your skin like your sibling.


If it feels like there is a whole lot of arguing, rivalry, and aggression - you are not alone AND these kids need our support! Our modern day parenting world gives us access to the latest research on siblings, as well as, all the tools to foster a long, strong, and peaceful bond between our children.


No more wondering what the heck you're supposed to do in these tricky situations. 'Raising Siblings with Intention' is your full comprehensive guide to consciously supporting your little ones in the early years of siblinghood. 


This workshop is perfect for parents of siblings ages 1-6, to lay the early foundation of connection, conflict resolution, and peace in your home. 


In this pre-recorded class by Haley Turner, early childhood expert and conscious parenting educator,  you will learn helpful tools to implement into your lives right away! 

A peaceful home starts with you. Yep. Doesn't it all start with us? Exhausting! It would be wonderful if we could say, "man oh man I just have a super crazy kids and I can't do anything to help their relationship!" But, at the end of the day, it is on us to understand our children and their needs. We absolutely play a major role in helping all siblings thrive! 

What will you learn?

  • modern day research on how to support sibling relationships 

  • the parent's role, mindset, and influence 

  • grounding in your family values and guidelines during those, "what do I do?!" moments 

  • understand the roots of sibling rivalry and how to steer clear of it 

  • how to support the emotions of multiple kids while holding clear boundaries 

  • the common parenting pitfalls that leave kids on poor terms with each other  

  • how to implement a problem solving environment to end fighting 

  • the full guide to sharing, turn-taking and empathy 

  • setting limits without shame or blame 

  • the 3 Bs of sibling conflict resolution

  • common sibling conflict questions answered!

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what's included

- 'Raising Siblings with Intention' masterclass sent right to your email upon purchase - the full guide to raising siblings who thrive

-  Lifetime access(no expiration date!) to the class on our platform accessible online to watch cozy on the couch or on the Teachable App IOS to listen on-the-go

- The 'Raising Siblings with Intention' printable workbook to support your learning

- This is a comprehensive early years foundation guide best suited for siblings between ages 1-6 years old 

Father and Children
Happy Siblings

“To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were, we know each other’s hearts"

If you are like most parents, you likely had high hopes of your kids hugging and frolicking about together - giggling and creating their own little world of play, while you sip your coffee from across the room and gaze adoringly at them. 


But, you may find that your kids:


-argue over little things 

-get aggressive with each other 

-constantly fight for your attention 

-tattle and blame one another left and right 

-and just generally can't seem to get along

and believe me, you're not alone. Yet, there are also TONS of ways that we can make raising siblings a whole lot more peaceful and intentional for all of us.


In this masterclass we will uncover the positive and conscious parenting tools that increase connection and build a lifelong bond for our children. 

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Disclaimer: Haley is a certified educator with a professional background, degree(s)and/or training in the following areas: Early Care and Education, Montessori Education ages 3-6, Early Childhood Development, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Conscious Parent Coaching, and RIE Intensive Training. Haley does not work in a professional therapist or MD capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. This course is research-based and inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, Magda Gerber, Alfred Adler and many more.

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