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Parenting with Intention

A Peaceful Home for Capable Kids

Welcome to your step-by-step guide to raising kids the respectful and positive, Montessori way! Learn to discipline with the balance of empathy and connection, while holding clear and consistent limits. Find your confidence as you learn the WHY behind your child's big emotions and behavior and exactly HOW to help them.


This course will empower you with all the tools you need to stay connected and curious even in the midst of challenging behavior. Ideal for ages 1-6


(LIMITED enrollment spots open based on availability)


What you will learn:

  • To discipline with the balance of empathy and connection

  • How to hold clear and consistent limits

  • The foundations of Montessori, Positive Discipline and Respectful Parenting

  • About your child's brain and development

  • Respectful responses to meltdowns and tantrums

  • Steps to remaining peaceful and connected in the midst of chaos 

  • The research backed, non-punitive, respectful methods for reducing conflict ⠀

  • How to set up your Montessori home environment

  • Lay the foundation for important life and social skills

  • Tools for increasing cooperation and collaboration

  • Foster independence in your capable toddler

Young kiddos are capable, curious, kind, and simply doing the very best they can! Let's support them and offer the tools needed to succeed! 

I’ll share my practical tips to nurture connection, use of positive language, how to reduce tantrums, and gain confidence in your parenting. We will build on your natural caregiving instincts; informing those instincts with solid information, research, tools and guidance to show up as our best selves, everyday. ⠀

Discipline without yelling, shame or blame.

Learn to speak your child's language, reducing power struggles and encouraging cooperation - enriched with with step-by-step guides, scripts and printables from your course workbook! 

Reading Digital Book

Your Course Outline

Module 1: Welcome!

    • Getting Started

Module 2: Parenting w/ Intention

    • What is Positive and Respectful Parenting?

    • Parenting Styles

    • Your 'Some Day'

Module 3: Your Child's Brain

    • The neuroscience of toddlers

    • The Iceberg

    • Theory of Needs

    • A toddler's tools

    • Emotional Intelligence 101

Module 4: Taking Care of YOU

    • The weight of the world

    • The Inside Work

    • Taking time for you

    • Your calm down tools

    • "I lost it! Now what?"

Module 5: The Truth About


    • What does it mean?

    • Intrinsic Motivators

    • Rewards & punishment

    • Inside scoop on time-out

Module 6: Meltdowns

    • Tunnel Vision

    • Step-By-Step

    • Compassionate Curiosity

    • All the feels are welcome

    • The Calm Corner

Module 7: Empathetic Limits

    • Family Guidelines

    • Ok, but how?!

    • The 4 Cs

    • Find the YES

    • Types of Consequences

    • Problem-Solving

Module 8: Tools, Tools, TOOLS

    • The secrets out, friends!

    • Transitions

    • Routines

    • Choices

    • Inviting Cooperation

    • Positive Language

    • Shame vs Guilt

    • Encouragement

    • Growth Mindset

    • Empowering vs Enabling

    • Back Talk

    • Connection before Correction

Module 9: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    • Caregiving Moments

    • Showing up for your kid

    • Consent starts here.

Module 10: The Capable Child

    • The Montessori Mindset

    • The Prepared Environment

    • Autonomy Supportive Parenting


    • Q & A with Haley 

    • Mealtime Tips with Dr. Gitte of Real Food Hero

    • Early Literacy with Lauren of Lauren's Literacy Corner 

    • Practical Life with Calli of Little Farm Montessori 

    • Psychology for Parentings with JoAnna of Positively Parenting 

    • Montessori Toileting with Neus of Montessorian by Heart 

Recieving Flowers

Course Preview Video

Enjoy a sneak preview of our Parenting with Intention Course! This video is one of many in our 'Tools, Tools, TOOLS' Module. The course is packed with actionable tools and step-by-step guidance in parenting with respect and following positive and conscious discipline guidelines. 


Included with the course: 

- A 60 Page Workbook of printable resources, journals prompts, and guides - including your Time-In, Calm Corner Tool Kit!  

-Access to our Parenting with Intention Facebook Exclusive Community for all questions and support from your online village

-You will have access to our course and community for LIFE! 

*Details* Upon registration, you will be invited to create your course login and will immediately gain access to the entire course! I have designed the course to be 4 weeks long - though I know some prefer to dive into everything ASAP which is why there is full access right from the start! For those who want to take it slow - remember you even have lifetime acess to enjoy the course content. The course in full amounts to 7+ hours of parenting tools, expertise, and guidance. 

what parents are saying

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Lauren, @LaurensLiteracyCorner

"I am over the moon grateful for this course. The information has been so easy to digest. Haley is such a fantastic mentor and creates a very warm and safe environment. My husband and I were able to start apply the strategies and shift our mindset day one! I will be sending parents to her course every chance I get!"

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.46.19

Sophia, @Montessori.Bright

Haley is exceptional, she makes learning such a joy! Her workshop helped me have a deeper understanding of my daughters emotional needs and gave me the tools needed to respond with empathy, love, and respect. All of the information presented by Haley can easily be implemented into our everyday lives and in turn has enriched my overall experience as a parent. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such an incredible mentor. I cannot recommend her enough!

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.47.40

Calli, @Little.Farm.Montessori

“I recommend this class to every parent! I had the privilege of taking this course live and it truly changed our life and parenting journey. Haley is incredibly knowledgeable and the sweetest person with a heart of gold! I love how she brings research based information to parents! “

Disclaimer: Haley is a certified educator with a professional background and training in the following areas: Early Care and Education, Montessori Education ages 3-6, Early Childhood Development, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and RIE Intensive Training. Haley does not work in a professional therapist or MD capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. This course is research-based and inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, Magda Gerber, Alfred Adler and many more. 

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