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Our playgroup is not just a place for play; it’s a community where parents come together to learn and grow alongside their little ones.

We believe in the Montessori philosophy that every child is a natural learner, and we provide you with the environment and tools to fuel their curiosity and independence!


Playgroup Details:



1 -  3 years old


Raab Montessori 

Ocean City, NJ 


8 week program 

June 29- August 24

Saturdays 9:30-11 AM





- 8 Playgroup 90 minute sessions

-Weekly child's snack 

- Parenting Montessori Toddlers eBook with peaceful parenting tips, tools, and activities! 

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Class Schedule: 

let the fun begin! 

Welcome & Work Cycle

At this time the children will take the lead to explore the classroom and activities. The Montessori classroom is thoughtfully organized into distinct areas, each dedicated to specific content such as art, movement, language, sensorial, practical life, and more, fostering a structured yet inviting learning environment. This thoughtful curation allows children to engage deeply with each subject area at their own pace, supporting a holistic educational experience.

Snack Time

Small groups will be invited to prepare snack with Ms Haley throughout the work cycle. Every child will have an opportunity to contribute in preparation for community snack time. As a practice in Grace and Courtesy children will also work on setting the tables and clean up afterwards. 

Circle Time

We will gather together in circle time for a weekly themed story and our class songs. 

Goodbyes and see you soon! 


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To maintain a peaceful and intimate learning experience, class sizes are extremely limited. Please be sure to enroll as soon as possible to ensure your spot! 

Meet your guide

In Montessori, the teacher is called a "guide" - as our role is to help direct and support learning rather than leading it, encouraging independence and self-discovery. So, in this case, that is me!


My name is Haley Turner and I am so excited to meet you. As certified Montessori guide with a background and degree in Early Childhood Ed + Development, I was still completely struck by the challenges of motherhood. The biggest one of all, and a universal heartache I have come to find, is the lack of a 'village' in our modern world. I created Kindly.Haley to be that village and support for parents in every stage of raising kids. In my 10+ year career I've had amazing opportunities including creating courses and community for thousands of parents world wide, writing my first published book(releasing this fall!), speaking at international parenting conferences, working 1:1 with families as a conscious parenting educator, and more. It has been such an adventure!

Finally though, this season of life has opened space for a local in-person community, Kindly Montessori Playgroup, and I am beyond joyful to begin this journey with you! 

Trainings include: 

Degree in Early Care and Education 

Early Childhood Development 

Montessori Diploma 

Positive Discipline 

Conscious Parenting Coaching 

RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) 

and more. 

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Q & A


Who is this playgroup for? 

Kindly Montessori Playgroups are currently for toddlers (12 - 36 months) accompanied by their adult. The adult can be a parent or caregiver, just please note the relation to child in the form sent out via email upon enrollment.

What are the benefits to this playgroup? 

Parent and child playgroups are like your own little village—they're a great place for parents to connect and learn from each other, all while your little one gets a gentle intro to the school environment with you right by their side. It's a supportive space that really focuses on your child's whole and holistic growth in all areas. Plus, you'll get some fantastic tips and insights from your own Montessori expert, which can be super helpful as you navigate the early years of parenting.

Why Montessori? 

Parents are increasingly drawn to Montessori education and parenting because it aligns age-old Montessori wisdom with cutting-edge research, demonstrating long-term positive outcomes in academic achievement and social-emotional skills. Studies have shown that Montessori-educated children often exhibit higher levels of independence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, qualities that are highly valued in today's dynamic world. This educational approach not only supports the holistic development of children but also prepares them effectively for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Will there be more sessions throughout the year or will this only be available in the summer?

We do hope to expand our offerings as word gets out! We currently rent a space in Raab Montessori(which we love!) although this means we are limited to weekends as the school itself runs Mon-Fri. Kindly Montessori Playgroup business plan is to grow into offering classes in all 4 seasons, including more age groups, as well. 

What about siblings? 

It is requested that older siblings, above 36 months, do not attend class. Younger siblings may come along, but pay for a space once they are 12 months old. For twins or siblings within the age group, please reach out to me at to enroll the second child at a discounted rate of $275.

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