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Welcome to the blog!

Well, here we are. Here I am doing a thing I said I would start doing nearly 3 years ago. And that's just life isn't it? Sometimes other things jump in line ahead of the others, but the others still matter to you, and you know one day you'll find a way there. So, let's go ahead and start here!

I am Haley, that's me with two of my people and when our youngest was still growing in my belly. Incredible how the time seems to fly by!

So, why am I starting a blog? I have a lot to say, it seems. Yet, I am limited by the amount of space social media will give me per post and I know many of you are looking for many more words and guidance than what I can share there. Which is, by the way, why I created our Parenting with Intention Courses! You will find the most in-depth support, step-by-step, answers from a-z on parenting kids consciously from birth to age 6.

Here though, let's just have it be what I have imagined. Which is a space to share all the many thoughts in my mind on Conscious Parenting and Montessori. You'll find research, tips, our favorite links, tools, my own truths, relatable motherhood, and a heartfelt window into my soul. Maybe not a window into my soul (?) is that too far? No, it's just enough. Window it is.

For my first blog, this will be a bit of the boring bits about me and why I am here typing away. I am a mother of 2 with a background in Early Childhood Education and Development. My degree is in Early Care and Ed and then I went on to get my Montessori 3-6 diploma. Some of you might know I have a rare brain condition called, Chiari Malformation. I found out about this in my first year of teaching, and well, after a difficult brain surgery and a few huge challenges, it made quite the abrupt halt of my teaching career. If you've seen anything I share on social media though, you know things have had a happy shift. I LOVE my life. Every bit of it. And while I hope for a healthful long life(don't we all?) I also know that I am beyond lucky to be where I am now.

Since we live in a glorious 2023 - I am able to work from home and I do still continue to teach. My body can't keep up with 20 something 3-6 year olds these days, but I sure can write, talk, learn, and think with the best of them - which is why I still do teach, just in an adaptive way. I now teach my courses online, to parents, teachers, and caregivers - some are Live and others are pre-recorded evergreen courses. While I loved working with kids, I have come to find that supporting parents is in far greater alignment with my mission in life - which is to help as many children as possible. The truth is, I have a far greater reach now, because YOU have a far greater impact on your child than a preschool teacher can possibly have.

You are the greatest influence in your child's life. It is a huge, difficult, and beautiful responsibility. It is such a gift to be invited onto your journey and support you in any way that I can - while learning right alongside you as a mother of two young kids myself. While it would have been much cooler if life hadn't gone quite so far as to throw a chronic brain condition at me in order to guide me onto the correct path....I am truly, deeply, madly grateful to be here, with all of you now. I am sure it's where I was always meant to be.

Someone recently asked me what I hope parents feel when they stumble upon my posts and resources and here is what I came up with:

  1. Validated. I hope you feel like you've just gotten a big hug from someone who loves and cares about you. Raising kids is so hard and very few people are ever validated in any way on this journey.

  2. Safe. Safe in the simplest of terms. I, of course, can't go protecting anyone from danger in the world, but sometimes we stumble upon parenting pages that hurt us. How do they hurt us? They're pointedly guilting parents and then that ignites the shame response and that heightens the nervous system and inside the body no longer feels safe. I try to share tips without adding any shame - just a conscious and kind delivery of support that feels safe and opens your heart rather than closing it off with shame.

  3. Supported. That probably does not need further explanation, but let's go for it anyway. I make my income from Sweet Home Parenting and it's how I am able to support our little family. I LOVE this work and while it is a "business" - it is my heart, too. I have worked with many-a-business-coach who all tell me I share too much for "free." And guess what? It is what I feel I need to do. I want to actually support families so I give tons of tips and tools away every day. Depending on the level of support families need, they may be able to find enough guidance just from my instagram alone! And then there are others who are seeking a bit more - and that is where my paid offerings are there for. Support. Support. Support. I want everyone to feel held on their journey of raising kind humans!

If these are 3 words you think would be a nice addition to your life, then I sure do hope you stick around! Welcome, friend. I am so glad you're here <3

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